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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a chronic hormonal condition effecting at least 10% of Australian women. With no definitive cause or cure, it is the world’s leading cause of fertility issues in women. PCOS is difficult to manage, with many complex symptoms and a wide range of treatments and lifestyle choices to consider and balance. The rate of diagnosis is increasing but there is still little support available for women with PCOS. This has left the PCOS community crying out for more resources. Containing knowledge about the many (often unknown) treatment options available and charts for tracking symptoms, treatments, fertility, meals and more, The PCOS Journal is a 12-month undated health diary, designed to help women with PCOS navigate their journey. The PCOS Journal is for all women with PCOS, regardless of where they are at on their journey and what treatment pathway they have chosen. It is a support tool that acts as a companion for all women with PCOS. A place to record in great detail, the many challenging facets of their individual PCOS journey. The PCOS Journal contains the following: * 52 weeks of journal space, to record and reflect on the day to day stuff, like hours of sleep, meals, water intake and exercise. * Charts to track and monitor the big stuff like fertility, the menstrual cycle, symptoms, treatments, habits and weight. * Easy to read information about treatment options. * Space for goal setting. * Motivational worksheets. * Space for recording meal plans. * Information about specific medicines and home remedies. * Self-care tips. * Yoga poses relevant to PCOS. * PCOS friendly recipes. * Affirmations. * Inspirational quotes. Using the journal can help women with PCOS: * Understand their PCOS and their body. * Understand their treatment options. * Gain insight into the treatments that are actually working for them. * Improve their understanding of their fertility and cycle. * Reduce stress and increase relaxation and productivity. * Gain knowledge about better food choices for PCOS and lose weight. * Improve their relationship with their body. * Have a more organised life. * Feel motivated to achieve their goals. * Feel inspired to get through the low times. * To have a clear record of their health, which they can share with their health professionals. * Prioritise their health.
Melissa Christie is an Australian mum and singing teacher from Northern NSW Australia. She is also the founder of PCOS Pathways and author of The PCOS Journal. Melissa was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in 2012 and has dedicated her time to understanding the condition and understanding her own experience of it. Despite the healing journey Melissa embarked upon since her diagnosis, in 2015, whilst backpacking through India, Melissa miscarried her first child. With rates of miscarriage almost double for women with PCOS, Melissa set about healing her PCOS once and for all. What she found was a lack of resources and support and she decided that once she had gotten through her grief, she would contribute to changing that. About a year later with a newborn son, Melissa began creating The PCOS Journal. The first edition was dated for 2019 and was met with 5 star reviews and resounding support from the PCOS community and the media. With PCOS Pathways growing, a podcast on the horizon and with Melissa doing more public speaking about PCOS, a new and improved second edition of the journal will be released in October 2019, this time an undated product. Nymboida, NSW
* The PCOS Journal is the only diary/day planner/journal for women with PCOS, worldwide. And of the very few books of any kind available for women with PCOS, there is only one that I know of that can be found in bookshops in Australia. * At least 10% of Australian women have PCOS – and yet there are very few resources available. This has left the PCOS community crying out for help. The PCOS Journal is supportive and inclusive of all women with PCOS, regardless of where they are at on their journey and what treatment pathway they have chosen. * Diagnosis of PCOS is predicted to be heavily on the rise in Australia off the back of the 2018 release of the Australian-led International Guideline for the assessment and management of PCOS. These guidelines are aiding health professionals in their understanding of PCOS, the desired result being an increase in diagnosis. This means there will be more and more women newly diagnosed with PCOS and with so few resources available, a book dedicated to PCOS in their local bookshop will be appealing. * Within the PCOS community there is a lack of awareness of the many treatment options available. Most women with PCOS don’t know to look outside of western medicine or at best, naturopathy. But treatment pathways like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine and Ayurveda have complete and effective treatment approaches for PCOS as well. The PCOS Journal sheds light on the many pathways available so that women with PCOS are informed to make the right decision for their treatment. * PCOS is a complex chronic condition. There are many symptoms to manage and many treatments to consider and balance. It is not uncommon for women with PCOS to be taking 10 different medicines or supplements at once along with managing diet, exercise and lifestyle factors. It can be very difficult to manage and stay on top of. The PCOS Journal offers comprehensive charts to track and monitor each symptom and records can be made of when a new treatment is started. Using these charts, women can see correlations between their symptoms and treatments. This will allow women to understand what treatments are working for them and what treatments aren’t. This clarity is sought after within the community, which is why the journal was created in the first place. * Each woman with PCOS is different and different factors can trigger and worsen an individual’s PCOS symptoms. For health care providers, it can take time getting to the bottom of an individual PCOS scenario. The PCOS Journal provides a shortcut for women with PCOS and their health care providers, to understand their personal triggers. The Journal acts as a record of their own individual journey with PCOS. Health care providers will quickly be able to see what treatments have or haven’t been working, what foods might be making symptoms worse and the lifestyle factors that might be contributing to the situation. The journal ultimately allows for a more efficient healing journey. * The PCOS Journal has been made to be inviting. It is a full colour, high-quality product with a cover designed by one of Australia’s best illustrators and artists, Juliette Dudley from Poyo Studio. The internal pages have been designed for ease of use but also to be enjoyed with inviting colours and illustrations. It has been designed to draw the eye in bookshops and also to entice its owner to want to keep filling it in. * The author of The PCOS Journal is Melissa Christie. Melissa is an Australian mum with PCOS and the founder of PCOS Pathways, an online resource for women with PCOS. Melissa created The PCOS Journal because after miscarrying her child due to PCOS and feeling lost and overwhelmed by her health, it was something she wanted on her own journey. Since making the decision to help women with PCOS and create the journal, Melissa has built an online community of over 10,000 women with PCOS. With her much anticipated new podcast series set to be launched in September, this number is expected to rise, along with journal sales. * The previous edition of The PCOS Journal was not distributed to bookshops, however it was sold in two bookshops in Melissa’s home region of Northern NSW. Although no effort was made to alert people that the journal was sold there, the journal sold really well with one shop selling 7 copies and the other selling 13 copies. * Feedback on the last journal has been entirely positive and all reviews 5 stars. Women who buy the journal LOVE it and they tell their friends about it. * The PCOS Journal has been so well received within the PCOS community that it and Melissa have been officially supported by the biggest leaders in the PCOS community, including PCOS Challenge – the US National PCOS Association, PCOS Diva, PCOS Diet Support, Dr Lara Briden, PCOS to Wellness and Natural Fertilitiy Info. * The PCOS Journal has gained media attention for the PCOS community and has been featured in Good Health Magazine, Women’s Day, SBS Online and in numerous online health and wellness blogs and podcasts. * The PCOS Journal is undated to enable women more flexibility. It can be used in any year and can be started at any point during the year. This is also beneficial for bookshops as the journal does not become irrelevant a few months into the new year. * I have a combined social media following of about 10,000 women – all with PCOS. A large part of my marketing strategy is through social media with both regular posts and quite a bit of advertising. Through these posts I will make it clear that the journal is available in all good bookshops in Australia. * The combined facebook following of myself and my official supporters is around 350000 followers – all women with PCOS. My official supporters help me to spread the word about the journal by posting about it and writing reviews. * Leading up to the release of the journal in October and then periodically after, I send tailored press releases to regional and national media, health bloggers, online media and Australian health professionals who look after women with PCOS. Last year this landed me articles in Women’s Day, SBS online, Good Health Magazine and in various health and wellness blogs and podcasts. * In September I will be launching a new PCOS podcast with a fellow leader in the Australian PCOS community. We will use this podcast to market the journal. * It has not been arranged yet but I intend to do a tour around high schools and universities to talk about women’s health and my own journey with PCOS. This is part of my marketing plan to arrange awareness about both PCOS and The PCOS Journal.

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