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Ori the Octopus


Ori the Octopus likes to help his friends, he does have eight legs after all! But what happens when his helpful ways get him all tangled up? A fun and brightly illustrated book about friendship and helping others, with actions and craft activities for children to enjoy.

Anne lives in Sydney with her husband and her two young children. She has taught dance, been an entertainer at childrens parties, and reads and teaches art and craft. She paints childrens canvasses and makes greeting cards. Sh has now also created YouTube videos to entertain children. Anne has been encouraged to share her story-telling, her illustrations and her creativity resulting in Ori the Octopus. 

*Great bedtime story book *Actions throughout story for child participation  *Friendly, brightly illustrated characters, common sea cretures, easily relatable  *Cut-out characters included in book are a fun activity for children *You Tube videos on website uses cut-out characters. Will entertain the children and encourage their play with the cut-out characters from the book.   *Author website has 15 free downloadable activities, with characters from book.  *Book includes parent/teacher notes. 

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