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Woodslane Christmas

Woodslane 2020 Travel and Outdoor Catalogue

Scallywags and the Candy Catastrophe

Scallywags Book 2

What happens when four students try to make their own Volcanic Candy? A full-on CATASTROPHE happens, that’s what happens! Join Mischief, Benny, Flick and Horace on their second disastrous adventure at the School of Scallywags. 

It’s a rollercoaster ride from start to finish (and yes, there is an actual rollercoaster in the story). Scrumptious sweets and thrilling rides – what more could you want?

With the Spring Fair just around the corner, our accident-prone heroes have one final chance to redeem themselves before they are tossed out on their ears. But will their grand plan lead to an even stickier situation? Find out or miss out in this tasty, thrilling adventure!

‘If you love eating candy, dream about candy, or if your name happens to be Candy, then this candy-licious book is for you. It is also suitable for children named John, James, Jane, Jack, Jill, Jenny and Rumpelstiltskin. Sorry, the rest of you will have to choose something from the boring bookshelf. I rate this book five-out-of-five luscious lemon lollipops.’ Professor Porkchop, Celebrity Chef and Candy Connoisseur. 

CONTAINS NO ADDED SUGAR (well, maybe just a little bit).

Book 2 in the Scallywags series by the award-winning author of the Pie Rats series.

Cameron Stelzer is an Australian author and illustrator with a passion for creating exciting children’s books and fostering a love of reading, writing and creativity in young people. He is one of Australia’s favourite children’s authors with books that engage, inspire and excite children.
Cameron’s books include the internationally award-winning Pie Rats series, the fun and zany Scallywags series, how-to-draw publications, and the Stroogle picture book series.
Cameron’s books have won many awards including the American Fiction Awards (Juvenile Fiction), International Book Awards, IndieReader Discovery Awards, Book Excellence Awards and the National Indie Excellence Awards.

1. Award-winning series.
2. Profiled in the 2018 Summer Reading Club (throughout Australian public libraries).
3. Teacher resources available, including STEM

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