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100 Things To See In Tropical North Queensland

100 Things to See in Tropical North Queensland is a guide to the best of the far north and Great Barrier Reef, according to people who live there. This remarkable part of Australia is home to the oldest rainforest on earth, the world’s largest living organism and three world heritage sites, and that’s just the beginning. In this guide, author and travel journalist Catherine Lawson, along with partner and photographer, David Bristow, take anyone wanting to explore TNQ like a local into the places off the regular tourist trails. Both have spent more than 20 years travelling their backyard by foot, 4WD, train, bike and even in their sailing yacht, Storyteller. Inside, you’ll find 100 of the best places and things to see and do at the top of Queensland – from dream-like swimming holes to undisturbed rock-art galleries and outback adventures you’ll never forget
Catherine Lawson and David Bristow have called TNQ home for over two decades. Although, their home is a yacht called Storyteller, and they divide their time between exploring the reef under sail and the land in their 4WD camper. It’s okay to hate them a little bit. Together, they are two of Australia’s most highly regarded travel journalists, authors and photographers. They specialise in documenting places where travellers can have authentic experiences off the beaten path. They don’t write about the world’s hippest bars, which galleries to see (unless they are Indigenous rock-art galleries) or what bus tours to take, but do guide travellers into the best places in TNQ
* This is the only general travel guide to Tropical North Queensland. It's been written by two locals, who are established authors and well-known travel journalists and photographers. * Covers areas as diverse and wide-spread as the Great Barrier Reef, and far northern corners of Australia. * The perfect gift for anyone travelling to North Queensland. * A5 format fits in a backpack or glovebox, so it doesnt get left on the bookshelf of coffee table. * Great companion guide to 100 Things To See In The Kimberley for travellers exploring the north of Australia. * Initial publicity will include a targeted PR campaign to Australian print and online travel media outlets, particularly leveraging the titles the authors currently contribute too. Australian- and TNQ-based social influencers are being engaged as brand-ambassadors to promote the book launch, and reasons to travel to TNQ. * The authors will be available for interviews, will be creating blog posts and content aimed at marketing the book and the TNQ region. * There will also be a good-ol-fashioned phone and face-to-face marketing by engaging local tourism providers to reccomend the book, with incentives to do so.

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