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Dear You, Love From Your Brain

A book for kids about the brain

Like all strong, beautiful, important things, brains take time to build. Along the way, children have an enormous capacity to influence the brain-building process in profound and enduring ways. First though, they need information that will help them perform their magic. This book will help children discover more about the brain - how it works, what it needs, and how to love it big so it loves them bigger.

Author: Karen began her career as a psychologist and now consults with parents, schools, government bodies, and child and adolescent focused organisations both at home in Australia and overseas. She is the founder of Hey Sigmund (, an internationally popular online resource that provides contemporary, research-driven information on anxiety, parenting, and the neurodevelopment of children. She has written three books, including the bestselling Hey Warrior. The books have been translated into multiple languages and are used extensively in homes, schools, and therapeutic settings throughout the world. Illustrator: Norvile graduated art school in Lithuania and got a bachelor degree of fine photography in Vilnius Design College. Ever since she can remember, she has been fascinated by childrens storybooks, and especially creative illustrations. She lives with her photographer boyfriend who supports and inspires her every day. You can find her works at

* The more children understand about the brain, the more they can actively influence its development. * Supports children in understanding feelings and behaviour. * Expands the capacity for children to make more deliberate decisions. * Explains how behaviours are built in the brain, and how children can learn, strengthen, and get better at what they do. * Explains how behaviours and feelings happen in the brain to support the growth of healthy behaviours and habits.

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