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F*ck is the Word

A Tribute to the World's Most Popular Word

Who gives a F*CK? It gives me great comfort to think that somewhere in the world, the word “F*CK” is being uttered in countless contexts every second… of every minute… of every hour… of every day… of every week… of every month… of every year… you get the idea. Is there another word in the English language that comes so readily to one’s lips or that matches its pure versatility and endless application or its ability to express the human condition in one perfect, monosyllabic grunt? The answer, dear friend, is “F*CK NO!” I don’t give a sh*t whether the word originates from the German “fricken”, is acronym of “Fornicate Under Command or King” or is derived from the Old Dutch word “fokken”. On Saturday night, I don’t think of Johnny or Jack as I pass my date another drink, I just make use of the tools the Good Lord provided. Same with the word F*CK”. Cometh the moment, cometh the man, so to speak. Apologies for the poor taste analogy, friend. I’m not going to bore you with how the word can be used as a verb (Jack f*cked Jill), an adjective (Jill’s spending all our f*cking money”), a noun (Who gives a f*ck?”), an adverb (Jill f*cking buys too many shoes), or even how it can become part of a word (“unf*ckingbelievable). Instead, I’ll take advantage of the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” and take you on a visual odyssey in celebration of the world’s most popular word.

Kuso is currently out on bail for crimes against the English language. He has travelled very little, is barely literate and has a taste for late night infomercials. He spends his days wandering the streets of Sydney muttering to himself and arguing philosophy and literature with imaginary friends.He is willing to perform at parties and political fund raisers for food.

1. Fantastic Fathers Day present or stocking filler.
2. Appeals to women buyers for the male relatives (over 90% sold so far to women buying multiple copies).
3. Very funny, not crude.
4. Only type of its kind in the world.
5. Can be marketed alongside other successful books such as The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck and Go the Fuck to Sleep 6. Illustrated throughout including great Oh, f*ck!" moments in history.

1. Pre  release to all major media (x3) in month leading up to launch
2. Printed copies sent to radio and TV
3. Amazon promotion on month AFTER bookstore release
4. Advertising in B+P and GRM (3 issues Sep - Dec 2019).
5 A3 Posters for Bookstores (2,000) + Postcards
6. 5 month SM campaign directing to bookstoes.
7. Media placement (primarily FM radio and urban magazines)
8. Book reviews
9. Dedicated website
10. personal appearances.

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