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Daring Journey

A teenager's guide to being unapologetically you

Life as a teenager is difficult even under the best circumstances. Academic stress, social anxiety, and peer pressure are tough enough, but sometimes those challenges can be so overwhelming that they lead to self-destructive behaviour that can snowball until it can be hard to see a way out of all this heartache. Daring Journey is a collection of short stories written specifically for this time in your life. Each story ends with a love letter to your teenage self from someone who’s endured similar difficulties. Join Jenna Lee as she guides you down the path of self-discovery while offering tips and advice on how to overcome your challenges. And most of all, the understanding that you’re not alone. If you’re ready to embrace your unique self, Daring Journey will show you the way. This book includes: * Short stories based around an issue that a teen is going through * Practical, fun worksheets, advice and actionable steps based around these issues * Inspiring quotes * Love letters to my teenage self from contributors who have gone through similar struggles * This book is filled with real-life stories, practical learning, and prompted activities that let you discover who you are. * Daring Journey does cover some heavy topics that may cause trigger warnings if you are or have gone through something similar. Its recommended for ages 16+

Jenna is a USA Today bestselling author of seven young adult fiction books and a successful creative business owner. Most days you can find her writing out the stories that take over her mind, supporting her friends, or creating and designing. From Jenna: I am mostly known for being a go-getter, a bookworm and passionate human who loves nature, all things creative and using my experience to empower other aspiring writers and creatives to bring their light to the world. I have been through my own personal journey of self-discovery to go on to become a published author and successful business owner. I aim to be an example and to inspire other writers, creatives and young people to be who they want to be. Reason behind writing Daring Journey Daring Journey has been in the works for several years; it’s a book that is very close to my heart. During my own teen years, I had to overcome bullying and other challenges which has fuelled me to write this important, empowering book. I aim to inspire teens to be who they want to be because I believe they are capable of anything if they put their minds to it. Daring Journey does cover some heavy topics that are recommended for ages 16+. I wanted to cover these heavy topics that teens go through to let them know that they aren’t alone, and that there are ways to cope during these hard times. I wanted to create a book that is different, one that combines both fiction and non-fiction. The book starts with a short fiction story that is based around an issue that the teen is going through. It finishes with ‘A love letter to my teenage self’ from a contributor who has gone through similar struggles. We then go into the action steps, reflecting back to the story and putting the lessons to action with fun practical worksheets. My journey writing Daring Journey: Daring Journey was the hardest book I have had to write so far. The story is very close to my heart, one that I’ve been wanting to write for years, and I put everything into it. I learnt so much about myself and forgave myself for challenging times I went through. There were many tears, moments of clarity, forgiveness, proud moments and, eventually, happiness. Self-discovery is one of the biggest lessons I have taken away from writing Daring Journey. I now know my calling, and love empowering young adults to turn the corner and find out who they truly are. Kim is passionate about delivering creative design solutions, big and small. She has a Diploma in Graphic Design and Multimedia, and 20 years experience in the industry, with a strong focus on advertising and publishing.

* A unique blend of self-help and fiction: Daring Journey encompasses a series of engaging short fictional stories alongside its core worksheet and advice sections. This adds a sense of escapism for the reader and also helps the teen to view things more objectively * 65 actionable worksheets: Daring Journey doesn’t just provide the reader with knowledge. This book contains 65 actionable worksheets to prompt readers to embark upon their own journey of self-discovery.
* Written for teens, with heart: A lot of self-help books in this space can talk down to the end user. Daring Journey is written with heart and soul and is a collaborative effort with many authors contributing to make the end product.
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