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The Creative Advantage

How the intersection of science and creativity reveals life's ultimateadvantages

What’s the one feature of humans that makes us stand alone in the animal kingdom? It’s our ability to imagine possibilities…and to imagine requires creativity. Creativity is the most fundamentally human of qualities, a unique trait of our species and the most important asset we have. Combined with your brain’s 80 billion neurons you’re geared to have a creative advantage in life, to be your best self. Our ability to creatively problem solve provides us with a competitive advantage that can be applied to both everyday and more confronting life challenges. The Creative Advantage is a deep dive into the science that fuels creativity. It explains how we can rewire our brain, understand our motivators, modify our behaviours, boost our skillset and instil habits to give a creative advantage in this rapidly changing and competitive world. By incorporating creative thinking tools into how we manage our work life, conduct business, model behaviours, and shape the way we age, we can realise the enormous reach we have, as the creative brain has no limits. The Creative Advantage demystifies creativity by drawing on the latest research from the world’s most renowned experts in the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social science, psychology and education to demonstrate the profound and transformative impact creativity can have on the way we parent, educate, work and age. The Creative Advantage will give you the edge in life. With creative insight comes increased confidence to change your personal circumstances and in doing so the world around you, giving you understanding, knowledge and an advantage in all aspects of life.

Maria Simonelli is a creative catalyst. She is the author of the successful book and program “Sweet Spot Careers: A practical and creative guide to a successful midlife career transition”, Maria has extended these powerful creative principles to drive the benefits of creative thinking in all aspects of everyday life. With qualifications in education, science, research, visual arts and neuroscience, she combines these disciplines to provide a unique connecting approach applicable in our personal and professional lives.

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