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Stories of Home

Place, Identity, Exile
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Notions of home are of increasing concern to persons who are interested in the unfolding narratives of inhabitation, displacement and dislocation, and exile. Home is viewed as a multidimensional theoretical concept that can have contradictory meanings; homes may be understood as spaces as well as places, and be associated with feelings, practices, and active states of being and moving in the world. In this book, we offer a window into the distinct ways that home is theorized and conceptualized across disciplines. The essays in this volume pose and answer the following critical and communicative questions about home: 1) How do people "speak" and "story" home in their everyday lives? And why? 2) Why and how is home-as a material presence, as a sense and feeling, or as an absence-central to our notion of who we are, or who we want to become as individuals, and in relation to others? 3) What is the theoretical purchase in making home as a "unit of analysis" in our fields of study? This collection engages home from diverse contexts and disparate philosophical underpinnings; at the same time the essays converse with each other by centering their foci on the relationship between home, place, identity, and exile. Home-how we experience it and what it that says about the "selves" we come to occupy-is an exigent question of our contemporary moment. Place, Identity, Exile: Storying Home Spaces delivers timely and critical perspectives on these important questions.
Chapter 1: Tracing Home's Habits: Affective Rhythms, Devika Chawla Chapter 2: Musing on Nomadism: Being and Becoming at Home on the Reindeer Range, Myrdene Anderson Chapter 3: Be(Coming) Home, Jonathan Wyatt and Tessa Wyatt Chapter 4: Childhood Homelessness: A Phenomenologial Reflection, Erik Garrett Chapter 5: Home/less in Appalachia, Timothy Baird Chapter 6: Motown Magic and Haunted Hollers: From One Othered America to Another, Rebecca Mercado Thornton Chapter 7: The Exile Narratives, Amarado Rodriguez Chapter 8: Men Making Home, Caryn Medved Chapter 9: Scott and Helen Nearing and the Narrative of the American Homestead as Retreat, Jennifer Adams Chapter 10: Trashing Home, Sean Gleason Chapter 11: A Kind of Hush: Adoptee Diasporas and the Impossibility of Home, Anne M. Harris Chapter 12: Bodies of Working Class Knowledge, Imaginative Mobilities, and Kinesthetic Homes, Stacy Holman Jones Chapter 13: Finding the Backroads Home, Tessa W. Carr Chapter 14: Becoming Home (Elsewhere): Patriarchy Du Jour and the Resilience of Privilege, Craig Gingrich-Philbrook Conclusion: Home, Again, Stacy Holman Jones and Devika Chawla
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