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Guy Harvey's Underwater World

This strikingly beautiful, large-format book showcases Guy Harvey's around-the-world fishing and diving adventures. Drawing from meticulous notes, knock-out photographs and Guy's signature artwork, Guy weaves together fascinating stories, scientific discoveries and insights into the behavior of dozens of gamefish species to give us an up-close picture of his time on and in the water. Chapters highlight expeditions to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Belize, Cuba, the Caymans, Bermuda, the Yucatan and Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Costa Rica, Australia and the Galapagos, truly the international fishing experiences of a lifetime. Guy is a world-class angler, diver, photographer, and artist whose contributions to conservation and scientific research are as recognized as his accomplishments in sport and art. Guy has lived the life anglers dream of and this is the book that documents that dream.
Guy Harvey is a unique blend of artist, angler, diver, scientist, conservationist, and explorer. He grew up in Jamaica, a 10th generation Jamaican of English heritage, and at an early age developed a love for the ocean. He earned a degree in marine biology at Aberdeen University in Scotland and a doctorate in Fisheries Biology from the University of the West Indies. An avid SCUBA diver for over fifty years and a skilled underwater photographer, Guy pioneered a technique for diving with and photographing free-swimming billfish. He has been inducted into the Fishing, Swimming, and SCUBA Diving Halls of Fame. A self-taught artist, his work, including his large-scale murals, is exhibited in major galleries, universities, airports, cruise lines and Sea Worlds and his iconic t- shirts are worn throughout the world. Guy is a trustee of the IGFA and his conservation work and scientific research are furthered through the institute and foundations, scholarship and center that bear his name. He is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and the Artists for Conservation and an award-winner of the Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences. When not traveling, he lives in the Cayman Islands.

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