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Crochet Impkins

Over a million possible combinations! Yes, really!
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Enter the world of the reclusive yet mischievous Impkins! I'm sure you have seen them out of the corner of your eye from time to time, racing from hiding place to nook or cranny-odd little creatures of stitch and stuffing, of endless variety in form and manner. In these pages, you will not find a taxonomy of their features or a list of the names by which you might call them, you will find guidance on something far more important-the techniques and methods by which you might craft one of these little stitchlings of your very own. It is a wonderful thing, I assure you, to bring an Impkin to life with hook and yarn, and herein you will find the detailed instructions necessary to craft one, with an endless array of options for ears, antennae, hats, wings, tails, scales, horns, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. Each Impkin is unique, and only you can listen to find out what yours longs to be. Stitch by stitch, you'll cast a spell, until at last you have made a brand-new creature. Don't be surprised if it asks for a snazzy vest or a satchel to hold its treasures! Though hard to spot at first, when you see one Impkin you can be sure there are more around. Impkins are social little creatures; once you make one, it is sure to clamor for a multitude of friends from your hook!
MEGAN LAPP of Crafty Intentions has been creating crochet creatures from her imagination since 2017 and has amassed thousands of fans who just can't wait for her next exciting design. She is the author of Crochet Creatures of Myth and Legend.
Contents Introduction Where to Begin Impkin Planning Sheet Glossary of Terms Impkin Body Options Arm Style 1 Arm Style 2 Belly (For Standing Body Style 1 or Style 2) Standing Body: Style 1 Standing Body: Style 2 Sitting Body: Style 1 Sitting Body Style 2 Antennae Antennae Style 1 Antennae Style 2 Antennae Style 3 Antennae Style 4 Belly Options Panel Belly Pocket Belly Rib Cage Ribbed Belly Ears Round Folded Ears Long Droopy Ears Cat Ears Fin Ears Elf Ears Spiky Ears Small Round Ears Large Round Ears Puppy Dog Ears Pony Ears Funnel Ears Face Options Skull Mask Ninja Mask Beard Elephant Trunk Eyepatch Face Tentacles Hats and Hairstyles Pixie Hood Round Mushroom Cap Curved Pointed Hat Leaf Topper Long Curly Mane Short Pieced Mane/Mohawk Pieced Lion's Mane Top Hat Flower Hat Wide Crown Small Crown Smooth Wizard/Witch Hat Wrinkled Wizard/Witch Hat Strawberry Stem Cap Mandrake Topper Viking Hat Pumpkin Stem Cap Hood and Cape Pointed Mushroom Cap Twisted Mushroom Cap Feather Topper Horns and Antlers Wide and Curled Horns Short and Pointy Horns Medium Wavy Horns Large Antlers Small Antlers Unicorn Horn Scales Triangle Scales Rounded Scales Tails Cat Tail Dinosaur/Dragon Tail Deer Tail Pony Tail Puppy Tail Devil Tail Stinger Lion Tail Bird Tail Wings Fairy Wings Feather Wings Bat Wings Clothing Short Vest Tutu Turtle Shell Neck Ornamentation Scarf Bow tie Necktie Accessories Backpack Messenger Bag Acknowledgments
Megan Lapp's absolute mastery of stitches and shaping allows her to create patterns with form and motion that is unmatched in crochet. Paired with her imaginative spirit and fairy-like whimsy, her patterns will leave you with projects that make you feel like you created a magical masterpiece.--Stephanie Pokorny, CrochetVerse WARNING: Crafty Intentions patterns may be ADDICTIVE! Whether you're a beginner or advanced crocheter, once you get started you won't be able to stop! If you're ok with sharing your home with all sorts of magical beasties, then you'll LOVE these designs and patterns.--Sarah Weinstein
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