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Armored Victory 1945

U.S. Army Tank Combat in the European Theater from the Battle of the Bul
The second in Steven Zaloga's classic two-volume photo history of American armor in Europe is now available in paperback. Covering the Battle of the Bulge, the Rhine crossings, and the final battles inside Germany, the book is beautifully illustrated with more than 1200 photos of American tanks and armored vehicles as well as many German tanks.
Steven Zaloga, an internationally recognized military historian, has written numerous books on the vehicles and campaigns of World War II, including Armored Champion (978-0-8117-1437-2), Armored Thunderbolt (978-0-8117-0424-3), Armored Attack 1944 (978-0-8117-0769-5), Armored Victory 1945 (978-0-8117-0771-8), and The Devil's Garden (978-0-8117-1228-6). He has appeared in programs on PBS and The Military Channel. He lives near Baltimore, Maryland.
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