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God is a Conservative

Religion, Politics, and Morality in Contemporary America
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From Billy Graham and Ronald Regan to Newt Gingrich and William Bennett, God is a Conservative provides an important look at the role of religion in conservative politics in modern America. Kenneth J. Heineman reveals the profoundly religious nature of contemporary conservatism, offering an intriguing look at the social history of moral politics over the last three decades, and the still tremulous aftershocks of the New Deal. With a new Preface that examines the Bush presidency, including a provocative analysis of his re-election, and the rising influence of the Conservative Right, God is a Conservative is essential reading for understanding today's American political landscape.
Preface to the Paperback Edition Preface Introduction: Heaven Can't Wait 1 Reaping the Whirlwind: 19682 Deluge '7 3 J. C. Saves in '76 4 The Great Awakening: 1980 5 "It's Morning in America": 1984 6 " A Thousand Points of Light": 19887 "Godspeak": 1992 8 "Don't Ask , Don't Tell" : 1996 Epilogue: There Is No Money in Social Conservatism NotesIndex About the Author
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