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Tumor Board Review

Evidence-Based Case Reviews and Questions
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Now in its 3rd edition, Tumor Board Review: Evidence-Based Case Reviews and Questions is the most comprehensive clinical case review book in the field. With hands-on input from current fellows and oncologists, this new edition has been enhanced and reformatted for greater efficiency and practicality.The review covers all disease-site areas in oncology and features a wide variety of board-style questions pivotal in helping fellows and oncologists prepare for both the ABIM medical oncology board exam and maintenance of certification (MOC) assessments. Evidence-based discussions of difficult patient cases offer an in-depth and accurate depiction of what is discussed at tumor boards and foster critical thinking essential for clinical practice. Patient cases also highlight impactful treatment decisions that include newly approved immunotherapies and targeted therapies. Each chapter contains digestible essentials for each case, including a summary of diagnosis, molecular and genomic testing, treatment options, toxicity considerations, follow-up, and survivorship. Each chapter ends with high-yield multiple-choice questions including answers and detailed rationales ensuring readers are well-equipped with the knowledge they need to make well-informed, individualized treatment decisions. Tumor Board Review: Evidence-Based Case Review and Questions is an essential case-based reference for anyone working in oncology. Key Features: Describes more than 120 patient cases, including locally advanced and metastatic cases for each major disease site Contains 300 board-style questions and answers related to case reviews Includes new advances in diagnosis and therapy, with a greater emphasis on immunotherapies, cancer genomics, and precision-based targeted therapies Provides essentials for toxicity considerations, follow-up, and survivorship considerations
List of Contributors Preface Chapter 1. Head and Neck Cancer Chapter 2. Thyroid CancerChapter 3. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Chapter 4. Small Cell Lung Cancer Chapter 5. Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Chapter 6. Triple Negative Breast Cancer Chapter 7. Esophageal Cancer Chapter 8. Gastric Cancer Chapter 9. Pancreatic Cancer Chapter 10. Neuroendocrine Cancer Chapter 11. Hepatobiliary Cancer Chapter 12. Colorectal Cancer Chapter 13. Anal Cancer Chapter 14. Prostate Cancer Chapter 15. Testicular Cancer Chapter 16. Renal Cancer Chapter 17. Bladder Cancer Chapter 18. Cervical Cancer Chapter 19. Uterine Cancer Chapter 20. Ovarian Cancer Chapter 21. Melanoma Chapter 22. Bone Sarcoma Chapter 23. Soft Tissue Sarcoma Chapter 24. Primary Brain Tumors Chapter 25. Cancer Unknown Primary Chapter 26. Hodgkin Lymphoma Chapter 27. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Chapter 28. Multiple Myeloma and Plasma Cell Neoplasms Chapter 29. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Chapter 30. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Chapter 31. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Chapter 32. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Chapter 33. Myelodysplastic Syndrome
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