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Leadership in Practice

Essentials for Healthcare and Public Health Leaders
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Leadership in Practice prepares leaders for the unpredictability, complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty they will face while leading public health and healthcare organizations and teams. It equips leaders with practical, sustainable, and universal skills, abilities, and intangibles needed to thrive in a constantly evolving environment. Building on the solid foundation of theory, skills, and behaviors, and addressing the challenges leaders face in many contexts, Leadership in Practice thoroughly explores and provides insight on the effective practice of leadership. Integrating the most relevant leadership theories, their history, evidence, and application in public health and healthcare, chapters focus on the essential competencies that leaders in public health and healthcare must master, including effective dialogue, ethical leadership and moral courage, systems thinking, strategic thinking and analysis, and emotional intelligence. The textbook identifies and discusses the many challenges leaders face including change leadership, developing an equity mindset, effective leadership during organizational crises, and meaningful engagement with the communities served. Case studies relevant to public health and healthcare examine such topics as leadership during COVID-19, Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters, community engagement and team building, hiring diverse personnel, preventing burnout, and more to provide lessons learned from real-world examples. Leadership in Practice brings together a diverse array of leaders and a wide range of voices in the field to impart wisdom, unique perspectives, and valuable experiences as leaders in public health and healthcare settings. Illustrating why it is critical to learn from leaders of wide-ranging experiences, different worldviews, and training, Leadership in Practice is an authoritative resource for anyone training in public health, healthcare management, and related health professions. It provides you with expert insight on how to build the right leadership framework and develop a meaningful leadership style for your own leadership practice. Key Features: Describes the core principles, skills, traits, and behaviors for effective leadership in practice Includes engaging case studies demonstrating leadership intangibles, applications, and real-world context in public health and healthcare settings Builds self-awareness through self-assessments and reflection exercises Provides wisdom and insight from notable and diverse leaders in the field Leads students and professionals to the development of their own framework upon which to build and continuously evolve their leadership practice
PART I: LEADERSHIP BASICS: SKILLS, TRAITS, AND BEHAVIORSChapter 1. Dialogue: A Foundational Skill for Effective Health Leadership Chapter 2. Moral Courage in Public Health Leadership Chapter 3. Systems Thinking in Public Health Chapter 4. Strategic Thinking: Rationale, Process, and Behaviors Chapter 5. Emotional Intelligence PART II: KEY LEADERSHIP THEORIES AND THEIR APPLICATION Chapter 6. The Situational Approach to LeadershipChapter 7. Transformational Leadership Chapter 8. Authentic Leadership Chapter 9. Servant Leadership Chapter 10. Adaptive Leadership PART III: THE CONTEXT AND CHALLENGES OF LEADERSHIP PRACTICE Chapter 11. Leading ChangeChapter 12. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Intercultural Competence in Leadership Chapter 13. Managing Conflict Chapter 14. Crisis Leadership Chapter 15. Building and Leading Teams: Essential Approaches and Practical Tools for Improving the Health of Populations Chapter 16. Talent Management: A Leadership Imperative Chapter 17. Creating Effective Public Health Messages PART IV: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: YOUR LEADERSHIP PRACTICE Chapter 18. The Evolution and Development of a LeaderChapter 19. Finding and Being a Mentor/Building Your Kitchen Cabinet Chapter 20. Leadership "Intangibles" Chapter 21. Creating Your Leadership Framework Chapter 22. Learning from Experience
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