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CEN (R) Certification Express Review

Improve retention with this high-speed review for test-day success!Designed as a last-minute gut check for your certification exam, this guide is written by emergency nurses who have your back, providing you with quick, digestible nuggets of the most pertinent topics on the BCEN (R) exam. Use this small but mighty book during the last month of your preparation to strengthen your knowledge and get ready to tackle the exam with confidence! Organized by exam blueprint, this guide covers all the emergency topics and professional issues you'll need to know for the exam and in the emergency department. Each system-based chapter includes signs and symptoms, labs and other diagnostic testing, treatment, nursing interventions, patient education, and more. Key Features: Offers a succinct, rapid review of the key 150+ disorders you'll likely see on the exam Includes useful pharmacology tables for each system-based chapter Provides important alerts, complications, nursing pearls, and pop quiz questions to highlight extra-important information and test your knowledge Offers full digital access on Springer Publishing Connect
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