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Acupuncture for Headaches, Eyes and ENT Pathologies

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Headaches and allergies constitute a large part of the workload of acupuncture and Chinese medicine practitioners. This is the first book to look at all head and face pathologies from a Classical perspective and to focus on head energetics as the root of all pathologies of the head. Headaches, allergies, eye, ear, nose and throat conditions are all covered and illustrative case studies included which provide guidance on how to clinically manage each problem. Divided into four parts, the book covers the physical and energetic structure of the head, as well as diagnosis and treatment.
Foreword. Preface. 1. The energetics of the head, channels and points. 2. Physio-pathology, diagnostic and therapeutic principles. 3. Headaches (classification, diagnosis and treatment). 4. Other head and face pathologies: Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth and Throat (classification, diagnosis and treatment). Glossary. Index of Symptoms. Bibliography. Case Studies. Evidence Based Acupuncture.
'It was a great delight to read this book by Hamid Montakab who has behind him alifetime of practice, research and teaching. Thorough, well-researched, careful andmeticulous, yet with a clarity and simplicity of knowledge quite unusual in this field.Excellent and clear discussion of pathologies, conditions, case-histories and treatments,all in a very open and flexible way - much more akin to the classical C hinese model,than some earlier texts. Not the least is the inclusion of contemporary research at theend of each chapter.' - Richard Bertschinger, Taoist translator and author of TheGolden Needle, acupuncture practitioner
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