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Stumbling Towards Victory

The Final Year of the Great War
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The First World War tore apart the early twentieth century. Both terrible and terrifying, it banished misplaced optimism that war on such an unconscionable scale could never occur. As the national museum of arms and armour, the Royal Armouries brings a unique perspective to studies of the Great War. Stumbling Towards Victory contains photographs - many previously unpublished - from the museum archives, all of which were taken in the last twelve months of the war. These images convey the horror and hope of that final cataclysmic year, as the Central Powers launched their final, doomed offensive, and the Allies counter-attacked in the Hundred Days. Published to coincide with the First World War centenary commemorations, Stumbling Towards Victory illustrates the final months of a global conflagration that was nothing less than an armageddon for the ages.
The battle for survival With our backs to the wall Home front To the skies The turning tide Towards the end Surrender at sea Victory ... and the fallen
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