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    3D Masterclass: The Swordmaster in 3ds Max and Zbrush

    The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Low Poly Game Character
    • ISBN-13: 9780956817174
    • Publisher/Imprint: 3D TOTAL PUBLISHING
    • Author: Goulden, Gavin
    • Price: AUD 39.99
    • Stock: 41 in stock
    • Availability: Order will be despatched as soon as possible.
    • Local release date: 11/11/2013
    • Format: Paperback (248mm X 210mm) 160 pages Weight: 680g
    • Categories: 3D graphics & modelling [UGK]

    "3D Masterclass: The Swordmaster in 3ds Max and ZBrush" presents a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to modeling, sculpting, unwrapping, texturing, and rendering a low poly game character. The professional workflow detailed in this book is typical of the games design industry, and anyone looking to produce a portfolio-worthy character will benefit from talented character artist Gavin Goulden's extensive experience.

    Gavin Goulden is a US-based character artist currently working for Irrational Games on "BioShock Infinite." A veteran in the games industry, he's been involved with a number of high profile projects over the years, including "Dead Rising 2," "Dragon Age," and "F.E.A.R.2."

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