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    Forest Spirit


    Jacinta Kelly (Jars), a part-Aboriginal girl living in the Northern Territory, is orphaned when a buffalo charges her familys ute, tragically killing her mother, father and brother. Because she has no other family members in the NT, she is sent to live with her uncle, aunt and cousin (Snook) in Tasmania. Snook and Jars quickly become friends, and along with Quenton Quigly, the annoying but not altogether bad son of the mayor of the area, they have an adventure when they go camping in the forest with Snooks father. Jars meets the Forest Spirit - an apparition that has appeared in her dreams, and now asks for her help to uncover a secret in the Tasmanian bush. Jars, her cousin Snook and the bumbling Quenton Quigley begin an adventure in the wilderness that takes many unexpected twists and turns!

    David Laing’s novels, Forest Spirit, Forest Shadows and Forest Secrets, are drawn from his experiences gained teaching Aboriginal children and mixing with their parents and the general bush community. Based on these experiences, he has created a young Aboriginal girl, who finds herself involved in a series of exciting Tasmanian adventures.


    David Laing, a retired teacher and School Principal, is now a full-time published author. His teaching took him to South Australia, the Northern Territory and Tasmania. During that time, in addition to studying Aboriginal Studies 1,2 and 3 at the Adelaide University, he also taught Aboriginal students of various ages—children and adults—and over that time learned a great deal about the Aboriginal culture. This provided him with the background to write his novels. Currently, David lives in Deloraine, Tasmania, with his wife Wendy and dog Jesse. He is now writing a fourth Young Adult novel.    

    1. How a young Aboriginal girl copes with the loss of her family.
    2. How the young Aboriginal girl copes with the differences between Tasmania and the Northern Territory.
    3. How the main character’s Aboriginal skills help her to solve mysteries.
    4. How the Aboriginal girl’s upbringing helps her to fit into a new way of life and to make new friends.
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