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    Where to Ride: Sydney MTB


    Featuring 40 trails from Awaba in the north through to the Blue Mountains and down to the Southern Highlands Where to Ride Sydney MTB is a valuable resource for people searching for new places to ride and explore.

    GPS generated mapping and detailed directions will show you the way, while altitude profiles, Where to Ride ratings and IMBA Trail Difficulty ratings will give you a good idea of what’s in store on the trail.

    There are rides suitable for folks looking to get started in the sport, through to more challenging rides that will test the skill and fitness of experienced riders. 

    If that’s not enough, the glorious photography of riding through Sydney’s native forests and the spectacular views from many mountain top climbs will inspire you to get out and ride.

    There is plenty of pristine Sydney bushland to explore by bike if you know where to look.

    Choose from 40 great rides including locations such as the Central Coast, Sydney North, The Royal National Park, Blue Mountains, Sydney West and South of Sydney.

    My love affair with bikes and nature started as a kid with my first BMX. It was a black Redline which I took great joy in thrashing around the local bushland of Southern Sydney and quite unsuccessfully over a few homemade jumps! Needing to regain some fitness after a few bikeless years over in the wilds of Western Australia, I resurrected my old hardtail from the shed and took to the fire trails of the Blue Mountains. 

    From my first pedal stroke on the Oakes fire trail I was once again instantly hooked by the mountain biking bug. Since then, fuelled by my secret trail food of jelly snakes, Ive clocked up a few thousand kms around Sydneys trails, been navigationally embarrassed regularly, spilt my fair share of blood to appease the MTB gods, dodged plenty of wildlife, and gone through a pile of shiny bike bits in a number of weird and wonderful trail side mechanics.

    Like most mountain bikers I seem to have a serious coffee addiction, a love of the epic ride, eBay, and a firm belief in the N+1 law. My love of both aeroplanes and cameras has lead to a career in aerial survey and has allowed me to see most of this magnificent country from the air, and finances my love of shiny new bike bits. I now live in southern Sydney with my lovely wife and Lucy the wonder dog, who is in training to become a trail dog extraordinaire! I try to hit my local trails as often as I can and am usually joined by the guys and girls from the Metro MTB club. Despite not being blessed with any athletic ability whatsoever I still enjoy the odd 24 hour or 50-100 km race, and can often be found at the back of the pack, coughing up a lung or two, and muttering about how heavy my bike is.

    • Full colour throughout, printed on quality heavy coated stock
    • Colour coded into four logical geographic sections
    • All rides have a one to five star WTR Rating from Beginner through to Experienced Cyclist, which is explained in detail. It’s based on a combination of length, climbing and riding surface
    • Includes a ride overview table at the front which classifies the rides by their distance, terrain and difficulty rating

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