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If success leaves clues, then this unique and thought-provoking book will provide you with all the evidence you’ll need to think – and act – like a millionaire. Discover how to leverage your knowledge and fast track your wealth using the incredible investing insights shared by Steve McKnight and Stu Silver – two self-made property millionaires. Featuring anecdotes, analysis and even a little friendly ‘argie-bargie’, Millionaire is all about: wealth - 26 chapters of detailed discussion about how to create significant lifetime wealth, and keep it for many generations to come; wisdom - 170 insights gained from decades of investing you can use to fast track your success; a sense of humour - laugh, and maybe even cry, at the sometimes shocking, but always entertaining, tales from the investing trenches.
This book is like no other and is sure to leave you touched, moved and inspired. Much of the original material from Millionaire was derived from a live seminar delivered by Steve McKnight & Stu Silver in July 2012. To preserve as much of the integrity of the on-stage interaction as possible, this book is presented in a style more akin to a play than a traditional business book. Such an unusual format raised some formatting challenges; however, the end product is as unique and interesting as the authors and the content they had to share. Millionaire is much more than a transcript. The authors have taken the opportunity to expand and clarify on key points and to include summaries of the key insights at the end of each chapter.


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