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The Island of Destiny - Pie Rats Book 3


Winner of the 2015 IndieReader Discovery Award for Childrens Fiction and the 2016 Book Excellence Awards, Canada.
"The Pie Rat series is a hidden gem that deserves to emerge into the light of day.  Readers and their children will be glad they hopped aboard the Apple Pie with Whisker and the Pie Rat crew." IndieReader

Whisker is a Pie Rat apprentice on the treasure hunt of a lifetime. With the Forgotten Map and the Kings Key safely in his grasp, Whisker joins the ratbag crew of the Apple Pie on their voyage to the mysterious Island of Destiny.

Armed with scissor swords, flying pies and barrels of gravy, the Pie Rats must first pass through the Treacherous Sea where untold dangers lurk beneath the waves. 
Book 3 in the Pie Rats series.

Cameron Stelzer is an Australian author and illustrator with a passion for creating exciting children’s books and fostering a love of reading, writing and creativity in young people. He is one of Australia’s favourite children’s authors with books that engage, inspire and excite children.
Cameron’s books include the internationally award-winning Pie Rats series, the fun and zany Scallywags series, how-to-draw publications, and the Stroogle picture book series.
Cameron’s books have won many awards including the American Fiction Awards (Juvenile Fiction), International Book Awards, IndieReader Discovery Awards, Book Excellence Awards and the National Indie Excellence Awards.

1. Award-winning series.
2. Listed on the Premiers Reading Challenge Lists in NSW and VIC.
3. A mentor text that schools are using throughout Australia to engage students in descriptive writing.
4. Teacher resources available, including STEM.

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