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Aa is for Alpacas


An engaging, accurate alphabet book that is designed to teach the sound made by each letter of the alphabet.  Full colour photos of alpacas delight adults and children, and a guide assists the adult with how to use the book so that learning to read unfamiliar words is fun and effortless.  For 3+ years; and remedial.

This alphabet book can become a favourite bed-time story book, which is read and interacted with repeatedly at the childs request - education by osmosis! This book relates sounds and words to real examples and is perfect for teaching children to read properly and simply, it is also ideal for children with learning difficulties. Many children, primary and secondary, do not know their sound-letter links and are therefore extremely limited in their ability to decode unfamiliar words. The easiest and most effective way to teach sound-letter links is in the form of an accurate alphabet book - this is it!

Sue Carolane has over 35 years of experience as a speech pathologist in education – pre-school, primary and secondary.  Troubled by the increasing number of children struggling with learning to read, write and spell, she has combined her professional expertise with her lifestyle, using photographs of her alpacas to create an accurate and appealing book to address an area which is holding back many children as they learn to read - recognising a written letter and associating the sound it makes.   Many alphabet books contain errors  (eg. /c/ is for “cheetah”).  This one does not.

  • User Guide.  Includes sounds versus letter names; how to teach at different ages; importance of listening, reading, repetition; and more.
  • Appealing photographs, one per page, assisting children to create a clear memory “peg” onto which to hang each sound/letter.
  • Accurate sounds in their simplest form to facilitate ease of learning, including the frequently-confused sh, ch, th.
  • A comment accompanies each picture, facilitating discussion to reinforce  the sound heard and letter seen and to expand language.

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