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Woodslane 2020 Australian Travel and Outdoor Guides

Thumb Pickles and Other Cautionary Preserves


These are the stories you won’t believe and your parents don’t want you to believe. Klaus Von Fohn loved horseradish way too much; Signor Stupido pulled rude faces; Furgus OReilly never washed behind his ears, and because SOMEONE ran with scissors, the children of the village of Tenderville lost their thumbs. This collection of cautionary tales shows how ignoring good advice can land yourself in a real pickle.

Darcy-Lee Tindale is a dramatic arts teacher, actor, author, theatresports player, director and has appeared in television commercials, film and on stage. She has written comedy for radio, stage, media personalities, comedians, and theatre restaurants.

Darcy’s short stories, articles and poetry have been published in anthologies and literary journals, her plays and humorous prose with The School Magazine, educational readers with McGraw Hill, and middle grade reader Thumb Pickles and Other Cautionary Preserves with Woodslane Publishers. Darcy also visits schools to conduct creative writing workshops with students. Darcy is in her final year of studying a BA in Creative Writing.

  • An original take on fractured fairytales and applying it to the re-imaging of old yarns and traveller’s tales.
  • Small lessons wrapped up in big stories that make you laugh, cringe and think.
  • Ideal for male, reluctant and advanced readers, these stories are written on all levels.
  • Grizzly tales for gruesome kids meets Wonder.

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