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The Legacy of Douglas Grant

A Notable Aborigine in War and Peace
The versatile and gifted Douglas Grant was stereotyped in the media as the Black Digger with a Scottish accent. He was much more than that. Well educated by White parents who rescued him from an 1886 massacre in the frontier wars, Douglas became an engineering draftsman, woolclasser, charismatic public speaker and storyteller. In the 1st AIF he fought bravely on the Western Front, was wounded and taken prisoner in the Battle of Bullecourt. Noting he was well-educated, German authorities made him the inmate-in-charge of the large Half Crescent Prison Camp for Muslim and Hindu soldiers. He saved many lives by negotiating for ritual foods and medical supplies. Returning home, he went through hard times and adventures, but always maintained his great sense of humour about life.
John Ramsland OAM, born in Manly in 1942, is Emeritus Professor of History (The University of Newcastle, Australia) and the author of over twenty books and at least 120 articles, reviews and invited chapters in edited books. He has written widely on social, cultural and educational history, Aboriginal Studies, child social welfare, marine history, historical biography, the impact of modern industrial warfare and on the historical significance of sport.
* From the acclaimed author of ‘Remembering Aboriginal Heroes, Struggle, Identity and the Media’, ‘Venturing into No Man’s Land. The Charmed Life of Joseph Maxwell VC’, ‘The Other Side of No Man’s Land. Arthur Wheen World War I Hero’, ‘Flying into Danger. The story of Paul Brickhill RAAF’ * In-depth and highly informative research about Douglas Grant - an exceptional Australian Soldier of Aboriginal heritage * An inspiring story for all-particularly those interested in Australian military history * Author Launch /Celebration * Publishing and Media kit distribution to local and National Media * Author-related events posted on Brolga website & social media * Nation-wide release
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