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Alexander McQueen H/C

Redefining Beauty Beyond the Borderline
“Alexander McQueen - Redefining Beauty” is magnificently adorned with some of Lee Alexander McQueen’s most riveting designs, and the narrative illuminates the personal and professional struggles of a man who dared to defy accepted norms in the cavernous halls of fashion and give the world a new sense of the grandeur of which human creativity is capable. From conflicted gay teenager, aggressive and remote young man, through to his lonely suicide, the book charts Alexander McQueen’s ascent to couturier par excellence, highlighting his spectacular shows and showing how his confrontational, streetwise manner was simply a shield that protected and masked a very shy, sensitive and insecure man who hailed from the wrong side of the high fashion tracks. “Alexander McQueen - Redefining Beauty” will imprint upon the reader never to be forgotten images of his explosive designs, illuminate his talent and delve into the mind of a man who was Britain’s most unpredictable, tormented and spectacular fashion designer.
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