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I Think My Dad is a Spy


This little page turner has a tight plot, interesting characters and an unexpected conclusion. Sophie George, the narrator, has the reader diving straight into her world of postal delivery and intrigue in the first paragraph. As the plot thickens and the possibility of her dad being a spy becomes more likely, the tension is wound up to the max.

Sophie George lives with her father in the small town of Orchard Mead and works after school at their post office. She enjoys delivering the mail around the town, mainly because she likes to draw funny pictures based on some of the weirdos that live here. But lately, it’s not just the locals who have been acting strange — her Dad has been acting pretty weird too! Sophie’s friend Janice is convinced he’s a spy, but Sophie thinks that is ridiculous. However, the deeper they dig into her father’s life, the more confused Sophie becomes. The evidence all seems to add up: the mysterious phone calls, a Russian connection and a mysterious note. Could Janice be right; is her Dad really a spy?


Sognia is married and lives in the beautiful Perth Hills. She is a mother and a step-mother of two teenage girls and two teenage boys. A jack-of-all trades, she has had many jobs, but her favourite and most recent is teaching children how to read and write. She has written five rhyming picture books called the Busy Bugs series and has put together some of her best poems and photographs of nature in a book called Perpetual Motions.She wrote about Sophie while working for the local post office delivering mail and parcels, as the funny people she met inspired her to write the series.

  • Nominated for the WA Premiers Award and the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards 2015 announced in 2016. Also nominated as Highly Recommended Reading by Reading Times for the CBCA.
  • Written in the first Person as Journal entries, just as a spy would do!
  • Just as the evidence mounts and you think you’ve guessed it, in comes a curveball.
  • The first book in a series..the next book is called “Is Oliver Crookshanks really be a Vampire?”
  • An ideal story for competent early readers in search of believable adventure in a small town setting.
  • Wonderfully illustrated line drawings and doodles by Jenny Wood and Sognia Vassallo adding to the character personality and setting of the story.
  • Sophie’s two best friends are an odd match with Janice being sort of a tom boy and Theodore being Gay. 

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