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It's Your Birth... Right?

A guide for professional women to calmly transition to motherhood

Having a calm transition to motherhood isn’t just possible…. It’s your birthright. Becoming a mother is a time of wonderment and excitement. For many professional women, it can also be a time of uncertainty. Used to leading high-achieving, successful careers, we can be left wondering what became of our identity, feeling isolated and confused at our feelings of overwhelm over a tiny baby. It’s Your Birth… Right? provides you, the modern professional, with a roadmap to prepare emotionally for a calm and connected transition to motherhood. It will help you connect in with yourself, your baby, your partner and village, as well as nature – so that you find balance that is crucial as you step outside of your professional role to have and look after your newborn baby. Do yourself a favour and give your family the best start possible. Get this book today to start navigating the emotional journey of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. 

Cherie Pasion is the founder of Connected Mama, helping professional women emotionally manage the change from being a professional to being a mother.  In doing so, she draws upon her experience as a mother, Master degree in Social Science and professional background in designing and implementing award winning behaviour change programs.  Cherie lives in Brisbane, Australia.  

Its Your Birth… Right? is in the hands of internationally-recognised personalities such as Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes • Its Your Birth… Right? focuses on a niched audience of professional women, helping them proactively prepare to overcome the three main problems (lack of identity, isolation, overwhelm/confusion) • While most pregnancy books on the market are baby-focused, Its Your Birth... Right is unique in being mother-focused • Its Your Birth... Right? was written by a professional woman (and mother) for professional women. Therefore its pragmatic and speaks the language of professional women. 

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