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You've Earned Your Doctorate in Psychology...Now What?

Securing a Job as an Academic or Professional Psychologist
If you're like many psychology graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and early career psychologists, you may be amply trained to conduct research but find yourself stumbling through the process of applying and interviewing for a job. This book will help you transition from graduate education to a career in an academic or professional setting. Each chapter covers a step in the process of applying for and landing a position, with evidence-based guidance where available, practical advice, sample materials, and stories from recent applicants and employers. Preparing to enter the job market requires a multi-pronged approach of networking and developing an application portfolio and interview strategy (both the screening interview and the on-site interview) that showcases your unique qualifications for the position. This book breaks down that process with questions to ask yourself, checklists, and samples of others' work. It also addresses how to: Tailor application materials to the job description and the institution or organisation Learn all you can about your potential workplace before you interview Seek out advantageous experience-building opportunities This comprehensive package of up-to-date research and practical ""do's"" and ""don'ts"" will help you put your psychology doctorate to work.
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