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Too Shy to Say Hi

Making friends can be tough, but this rhyming picture book will help navigate difficulties of shyness and social anxiety. Shelli used to be pretty content in her little world, thinking that her pet friends with feathers, fins, and fur were enough. Her bird would keep her company at home, her fish would hideaway in his cave, and her dog was the social butterfly of the neighborhood. But now, Shelli is determined to try to make friends with kids at school. Readers will relate as Shelli takes brave steps toward breaking out of her shell. Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers by Elizabeth McCallum, PhD, with more information about shyness and social anxiety.
Shannon Anderson teaches third grade, writes children's books, and presents at schools, conferences, and events. She also writes resource books for teachers to encourage their students to write. Shannon has won many awards, including the Eli Lilly Teacher Creativity Fellowship and the Juvenile Fiction First Place Writing Award at the SWA Georgia Conference. Hiroe Naka graduated from the Parsons School of Design. Illustrations from her first children's book were chosen for the Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition. She lives in New York City, NY.
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