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Older Women Who Work

Resilience, Choice, and Change
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Older Women Who Work: Resilience, Choice, and Change provides one of the first in-depth examinations of women age 65 and older who have delayed retirement, exploring personal and career identity, social roles, and quality of life concerns. The fifteenth book in APA's Division 35 Psychology of Women series, this edited volume presents a rich array of qualitative and quantitative research on older women's experiences in the workplace. Chapter authors share insights about how organizational leaders can change societal structures to better support the motivations and needs of diverse older women in the workplace. The book also describes how consultants, educators, and mental health professionals can encourage development of personal grit, to help the growing numbers of older women exercise their right to opportunities and be adaptable in the face of employment challenges.
Contributors Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction Part I: Personal and Career Identities for Older Women 1. From Striving to Thriving: How Facing Adversity Across the Lifespan Can Facilitate Workplace Resilience Ashley Stripling and Jodie Maccarrone 2. The Aging Woman Worker in a Lifespan Developmental Context Valory Mitchell 3. Shifting Values and Late Course Adjustments in the Careers of Older Women Lorraine Mangione, Kathi Borden, and Elizabeth Fuss 4. Work-Related Choice and Identity in Older Women Nicola Newton and Katherine Ottley 5. Precarious Work/Life in Retrospective: Still Growing the Pearl Jackie Goode Part II: Societal Roles of Aging Women Workers 6. The Secret Poor Among Us: Older Women Who Work to Make Ends Meet Mary Gergen and Ellen Cole 7. Work-Life Balance and the Older Working Woman H. Lorraine Radtke and Janneke Van Mens-Verhulst 8. What, Retire? Not Now--Maybe Not Ever Patricia O'Connor 9. "You're Too Young/Old for This": The Intersection of Ageism and Sexism in the Workplace Ruth Walker and Alexandria Zelin Part III: Diversity and Personal Grit in the Workplace and Beyond 10. Appalachian Grit and Older Working Women Julie Hicks Patrick, Abigail Nehrkorn-Bailey, Michaela S. Clark, and Madeline M. Marello 11. Missions Continued: Contextualizing Older Women's Work Pursuits and Passions in Lifelong Journeys Niva Piran 12. Use It or Lose It: Older Women and Civic Engagement Lisa Hollis-Sawyer 13. Older Immigrant Women Who Work: Building Resilience, Changing Perceptions and Policies Jasmin Tahmaseb McConatha and Frauke Schnell Appendix: Employment Resources for Older Women Index About the Editors
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