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What Science Tells Us about Autism Spectrum Disorder

Making the Right Choices for Your Child
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What have scientists learned about the causes of autism spectrum disorder? Why do different kids have such different symptoms, and what are the best ways to deal with them? Will there ever be a cure? From leading autism researchers, this accessible guide helps you put the latest advances to work for your unique child. Separating fact from fiction about causes, treatments, and prevention, the book guides you to make lifestyle choices that support the developing brain. From the impact of sleep, exercise, diet, and technology, to which type of professional help might be the right fit, the authors cover it all with expertise and compassion. Learn about the choices you face--and the steps you can take--to build a happier, healthier life for your child and family.

Introduction 1. A New Understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder 2. What Are the Essential Features That Define the Autism Spectrum? 3. What Causes Autism? 4. How Does the Brain Develop Differently in Autism? 5. What Are the Best Practices for Helping a Child with Autism? 6. Exercise, Sleep, and ASD 7. Gastrointestinal and Feeding Problems, Food, and Diet in ASD 8. Technology and ASD: Latest Findings on the Peril and the Promise 9. Adolescence and Autism 10. Adulthood and Autism 11. Tying It All Together Resources

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