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Young Adult and Canonical Literature: Pairing and Teaching VOL 1

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In the last decade alone, the world has changed in seismic ways as marriage equality has been ruled on by the supreme court, social justice issues such as #metoo and BlackLivesMatter have arisen, and issues of immigration and deportation have come to the forefront of politics across the globe. Thus, there is a need for an updated text that shares strategies for combining canonical and young adult literature that reflects the changes society has - and continues to - experience. The purpose of our collection is to offer secondary (6-12) teachers engaging ideas and approaches for pairing young adult and canonical novels to provide unique examinations of topics that teaching either text in isolation could not afford. Our collection does not center canonical texts and most chapters show how both texts complement each other rather than the young adult text being only an extension of the canonical. Within each volume, the chapters are organized chronologically according to the publication date of the canonical text. The pairings offered in this collection allow for comparisons in some cases, for extensions in others, and for critique in all.
Paula Greathouse is associate professor of secondary English Education at Tennessee Tech where she teaches English methods, literacy, and young adult literature courses. She was a secondary English and Reading teacher for sixteen years. Victor Malo-Juvera is a former middle school teacher and current associate professor of English Education at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where he teaches courses in young adult literature and multicultural young adult literature.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS PREFACE INTRODUCTION Victor Malo-Juvera and Paula Greathouse CHAPTER 1 A Poet, a Girl, and Her Golem: The Journey from Innocence to Experience Dawan Coombs and Rachel Knecht CHAPTER 2 Remixing Pride and Prejudice for Gentrification Study and Writing Dialogue Kristine Mensonides Gritter CHAPTER 3 Monsters, Cyborgs, and Medical Ethics: Cinder and Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus Melanie Hundley and Sarah K. Burriss CHAPTER 4 Young Adult Literature as Companion to Sex, Gender, and Consent in the Canon: Pairing Gabi, a Girl in Pieces and The Scarlet Letter Ruben Zecena and Ashley S. Boyd CHAPTER 5 Beginnings, Transformations, and Connections: Teaching Gansworth's Apple alongside Kafka's Metamorphosis Ricki Ginsberg and Kit Magee CHAPTER 6 Examining Prejudice and Intersectionality in Of Mice and Men and We Were Here Ellen Foley CHAPTER 7 Disrupting the Canon with Dystopia: Neal Shusterman's Scythe and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 Sarah Flemming and Keith Newvine CHAPTER 8 Saints, Angels, Butterflies, and Owls: Magical Realism Beckons Sharon Kane CHAPTER 9 Trauma in the Beauty Ideal in Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye and An Na's The Fold Sarah Donovan ABOUT THE EDITORS ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTORS INDEX OF CANONICAL AND YA TEXTS SUBJECT INDEX
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