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Shackled Sentiments

Slaves, Spirits, and Memories in the African Diaspora
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The ramifications of the trans-Saharan, trans-Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and domestic African slave trades are immeasurable, and they continue to disaffect black people from Africa to Haiti and Los Angeles to Lagos. Shackled Sentiments focuses on the memories and embodiments of slavery through case studies from western, eastern, and central Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The contributors to this collection examine the ways that memories of slavery have been internalized. Slavery and memory are assessed from multiple perspectives: as sets of ritual practices, community-based systems of spirit veneration, mechanisms of resistance and national pride, sacred languages informing personhood, and instruments for healing and well-being. This book is recommended for scholars of anthropology, history, religion, art, and linguistics.
Chapter 1: American Women Anthropologists of the 20th Century on Haitian Vodou: A Brief Review Natacha Giafferi-Dombre Chapter 2: Vodou as the Embryo and Marker of Haitian Socio-Historical Identity Nixon Cleophat Chapter 3: Remembering Our Mothers: Black Women, Slavery, and Maternal Power in Barbados and Jamaica Maureen Elgersman Lee Chapter 4: The Past is Present: Slavery, Personhood, and Mimesis in Ewe Gorovodu and Mama Tchamba (Togo) Eric Montgomery Chapter 5: Slavery, Possession and Witchcraft in the Sudan: The Journey of the Zar Tumbura Cult Gerasimos Makris Chapter 6: Living with the Ghosts of Slavery in Western Eweland: Taming Ancestral Energies and Creating Ritual Cultures Meera Venkatachalam Chapter 7: Possession, Power, and Slavery in Eastern Africa Beatrice Nicolini Chapter 8: Slavery and Its Discontents: Shackled History as Spiritual Resources in Jamaica Christian Vannier Chapter 9: The Language of the Slave Spirits in Brazil Laura Alvarez Lopez
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