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Professional Conduct and Discipline in Psychology

The complex, multifaceted process of psychology regulation in the United States and in Canada gets a comprehensive treatment in this much-needed resource volume. Both present and future psychologists will increase their understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the profession, including its historical and legal contexts; its standards for education and training, credentialing, and discipline; and the ways in which practitioners can avoid common problems and maintain professional conduct in daily practice. Psychologists at all levels will increase their understanding of the rationale and methodology of psychology regulation and will heighten their awareness of common areas of professional misconduct. Chapters deconstruct and compare the codes of professional conduct while providing an extensive review of laws and regulations affecting practice and of the enforcement of codes of conduct. An exhaustive chronology of the profession of psychology and its training models provides an historical context and deeper insight into the ways in which today's psychology evolved. The text presents a strategy for self-assessment which will increase practitioners' self-awareness of ethical behavior.
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