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Evolving Iran

An Introduction to Politics and Problems in the Islamic Republic
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Evolving Iran presents an overview of how the politics and policy decisions in the Islamic Republic of Iran have developed since the 1979 revolution and how they are likely to evolve in the near future. Despite the fact that the revolution ushered in a theocracy, its political system has largely tended to prioritize self-interest and pragmatism over theology and religious values, while continuing to reinvent itself in the face of internal and international threats. The author also examines the prospects for democratization in Iran. Since the early years of the twentieth century, Iranians have attempted to make their political system more democratic, yet various attempts to produce a system where citizens have a meaningful voice in political decisions have failed. This book argues that greater democratization is unlikely to occur in the short term, especially in light of increased threats from the international community. This accessible overview of Iran's political system covers a broad array of subjects, including foreign policy, human rights, women's struggle for equality, the development and evolution of elections, and the institutions of the political system including the Revolutionary Guards and Assembly of Experts. It will appeal to undergraduates and the general public who seek to understand a country and regime that has mystified Westerners for decades.
Preface Glossary 1. Introduction: The Incomplete Revolution Part I: The Past2. Pahlavi Power and the Alienation of the Masses3. The Islamic Revolution and the Birth of a New Political System Part II: The Present Political Regime4. Elections in Iran: Predicting Iranian Politics5. Pressuring the Islamic Republic to Promote Human Rights 6. Assessing Iranian Foreign Policy since the Revolution: Islamic Realpolitik 7. Economic Policies in the Midst of Ideological Infighting Part III: The Future8. Conclusion: Emancipating Iranian Politics Bibliography Index
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