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The Sustainable Development Paradox

Urban Political Economy in the United States and Europe
  • ISBN-13: 9781593854980
  • Author: Rob Krueger; David Gibbs
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  • Local release date: 10/11/2007
  • Format: Paperback (229mm X 152mm) 310 pages Weight: 436g
  • Categories: Geography [RG]
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Sustainability--with its promise of economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental integrity--is hardly a controversial goal. Yet scholars have generally overlooked the ways that policies aimed at promoting ""sustainability"" at local, national, and global scales have been shaped and constrained by capitalist social relations. This thought-provoking book reexamines sustainability conceptually and as it actually exists on the ground, with a particular focus on Western European and North American urban contexts. Topics include critical theoretical engagements with the concept of sustainability; how sustainability projects map onto contemporary urban politics and social justice movements; the spatial politics of conservation planning and resource use; and what progressive sustainability practices in the context of neoliberalism might look like.
Introduction: Problematizing the Politics of Sustainability, Rob Krueger and David Gibbs 1. Impossible "Sustainability" and the Postpolitical Condition, Erik Swyngedouw 2. Sustaining Modernity, Modernizing Nature: The Environmental Crisis and the Survival of Capitalism, Roger Keil 3. Microgeographies and Microruptures: The Politics of Gender in the Theory and Practice of Sustainability, Susan Buckingham 4. Containing the Contradictions of Rapid Development?: New Economy Spaces and Sustainable Urban Development, David Gibbs and Rob Krueger 5. Greening the Entrepreneurial City?: Looking for Spaces of Sustainability Politics in the Competitive City, Andrew E. G. Jonas and Aidan While 6. Integrating Sustainabilities in a Context of Economic, Social, and Urban Change: The Case of Public Spaces in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona, Marc Pares and David Sauri 7. Political Modernization and the Weakening of Sustainable Development in Britain, Anna Batchelor and Alan Patterson 8. Spatial Policy, Sustainability, and State Restructuring: A Reassessment of Sustainable Community Building in England, Mike Raco 9. The Spatial Politics of Conservation Planning, James P. Evans 10. The Imperial Valley of California: Sustainability, Water, Agriculture, and Urban Growth, Stephanie Pincetl and Basil Katz
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