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Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

How to Keep Out-of-Control Emotions from Destroying Your Relationship
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People with BPD can be compassionate, caring, smart, and funny, but they are also prone to explosive emotional outbursts and highly self-destructive acts. BPD expert Dr. Shari Manning helps overwhelmed loved ones understand why their spouse, adult child, or other family member acts so "impossible" -- and learn to respond differently. She presents simple yet powerful strategies that can radically transform a troubled relationship. Loads of true stories demonstrate ways to defuse crises, set limits, and help the person with BPD build crucial problem-solving and emotion-management skills. Empathic, hopeful, and science based, this is the first book for significant others grounded in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), the most effective treatment for BPD. Dr. Manning is a longtime associate of DBT originator Marsha M. Linehan. This book will be particuarly important for loved ones facing the challenges of BPD; mental health professionals and students.
Foreword, Marsha M. LinehanIntroductionI. Understanding Your Loved One and Your Relationship1. "Why Do I Feel So Lost in This Relationship?"2. What Makes Someone So Emotional?3. The Hidden Power of Validation4. Five Steps to Balanced Responses and Better OutcomesII. The Many Faces of Borderline Personality Disorder5. ""I Can't Stand Feeling Like This!""6. ""It Was All My Fault""7. ""You Have to Fix This for Me!""8. ""Things Are Awful . . . but Don't Worry; I'm Handling It""9. ""Why Do Terrible Things Keep Happening to Me?""10. ""Nothing's Wrong-I'm Fine""III. Dealing with Crisis and Getting Help11. Handling Your Own Difficult Emotions12. Understanding Self-Harm/Suicide and Making Decisions about Hospitalization13. Getting Treatment and SupportResources
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