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A is for All Aboard!

This is a children's alphabet book focusing on railroads, the most common interest of children with autism spectrum disorders. While writing ""A Land We Can Share"", Paula became frustrated that essentially no books existed to foster early literacy for students with autism through the use of their fascinations, so she wrote this one. This alphabet book is intended to appeal particularly to children with autism by exploring a topic that many of them find fascinating. Trains are, according to Simon Baron-Cohen, the most common passion among children with autism, and a book that taps into this interest is a much-needed resource for educators and parents. A is for 'All Aboard' is written for children with autism of many reading levels, with vocabulary ranging from basic concepts (e.g., bridge) to special train jargon (e.g., idler car, unit train). The illustrations are designed to appeal to common sensory preferences of children with autism, and thus are generally free of visual clutter, while including a few entertaining details. This book is appropriate for all children, but is planned to be especially useful to children with autism and would be a good companion for 'A Land We Can Share'.
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