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Principles of Clinical Cancer Research

Principles of Clinical Cancer Research provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of clinical cancer research, including the full spectrum of methodologies used in the field. For those involved in research or considering research careers, this book offers a mix of practical advice and analytical tools for effective training in theoretical principles as well as specific, usable teaching examples. The clinical oncologist or trainee will find a high-yield, practical guide to the interpretation of the oncology literature and the application of data to real-world settings. Valuable for both researchers and clinicians who wish to sharpen their skills, this book contains all the cornerstones and explanation needed to produce and recognize quality clinical science in oncology.Written from the physician-scientist's perspective, it lays a strong foundation in pre-clinical sciences that is highly relevant to careers in translational oncology research along with coverage of population and outcomes research and clinical trials. It brings together fundamental principles in oncology with the statistical concepts one needs to know to design and interpret studies successfully. With each chapter including perspectives of both clinicians and scientists, Principles of Clinical Cancer Research provides balanced, instructive, and high-quality topic overviews and applications that are accessible and thorough for anyone in the field. Key Features: Gives real-world examples and rationales behind which research methods to use when and why Includes numerous tables featuring key statistical methods and programming commands used in everyday clinical research Contains illustrative practical examples and figures in each chapter to help the reader master the main concepts Provides tips and pointers for structuring a career, avoiding pitfalls, and achieving success in the field of clinical cancer research Access to fully downloadable ebook
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