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A Race to Freedom

The Mira Slovak Story
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Mira Slovak was born in Czechoslovakia and endured both the Nazi occupation and the brutal Russian liberation. He joined the Czech Air force, rising to Captain by the age of 21. When he could no longer tolerate life under the Communists, he hijacked an airliner and flew across the Iron Curtain to freedom. He went to work for the CIA and was eventually sent to the US and given a job as Bill Boeing, Jr's personal pilot. When Boeing began racing Hydroplanes in the late 1950s, Mira was his driver. During his ten year career as a hydroplane driver, he won many races and two national championships. He met Presidents and dated movie starlets. After a serious hydroplane accident, Slovak switched to airplanes where he won another national championship. When he retired from racing he became a stunt pilot and public speaker and talked about the value of freedom and how we should value it above everything else. He outlasted Communism and when it collapsed in 1990 he returned to his home, only to realize that his true home was, and always would, be the United States.
Introduction; 1 Thou Shalt Not Kill-Prague, 1953; 2 Peace in Our Time-Munich, 1938; 3 Strangers at the Back Door-Leopoldov, 1942; 4 Liberation!-Leopoldov, 1945; 5 The City of 100 Spires-Prague, 1945; 6 Like Pebbles Dropped in a River-Havlickuv Brod, 1949; 7 The Sun Will Rise in the West-Prague, 1950; 8 Recalled to Life-Tatry-Poprad, 1951; 9 Wenceslas Square-Prague, 1951; 10 Ice!-Kosice, 1951; 11 False Start-Prague, 1952; 12 Code Word: "Picnic"-Prague, 1952; 13 Apples in Winter-Frankfurt, 1953; 14 Footsteps in the Night-Frankfurt, 1953; 15 Stick and Rudder man-Yakima, 1954; 16 Miss Wahoo-Seattle, 1956; 17 Seafair!-Seattle, 1956; 18 He Who Dares, Wins!-Seattle, 1957; 19 Champion!-Las Vegas, 1959; 20 Continental-Seattle, 1959; 21 This is your Life!-Seattle, 1959; 22 Meeting Eisenhower-Washington DC, 1960; 23 Leaving-Seattle, 1960; 24 Citizen Slovak-Seattle, 1961; 25 New Beginnings-Seattle, 1962; 26 Gentlemen, you have a Race!-Reno, 1964; 27 The Rumble in Rockford-Illinois, 1965; 28 It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times-Washington DC, 1966; 29 Flights over Water-The North Atlantic, 1967; 30 50 Feet Short!-Santa Paula, 1968; 31 $23.65!-London, 1969; 32 Nuclear Power Plants and Candles-Soviet Union, 1986; Authors Epilogue, Seattle, Washington 2017.
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