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Asia-Pacific Security

An Introduction
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This new textbook gathers an international roster of top security studies scholars to provide an overview of Asia-Pacific's international relations and pressing contemporary security issues. It is a suitable introduction for undergraduate and masters students' use in international relations and security studies courses. Merging a strong theoretical component with rich contemporary and historical empirical examples, Asia-Pacific Security examines the region's key players and challenges as well as a spectrum of proposed solutions for improving regional stability. Major topics include in-depth looks at the United States' relationship with China; Security concerns presented by small and microstates, the region's largest group of nations; threats posed by terrorism and insurgency; the region's accelerating arms race and the potential for an Asian war; the possible roles of multilateralism, security communities, and human security as part of solutions to regional problems.
Introduction to Asia-Pacific Security Andrew Carr and Joanne WallisPart I: The Changing Asia-Pacific Security Order1. Can The United States Share Power In The Asia-Pacific? Brad Glosserman2 . Is China an Asia-Pacific Great Power?Lowell Dittmer3. Are India and Japan Potential Members of the Great Power Club?H. D. P. Envall and Ian Hall 4. Are Middle Powers on a Collision Course in the Asia-Pacific? Andrew Carr5. Why are Small States a Security Concern in the Asia-Pacific? Joanne Wallis Part II: Current and Emerging Security Challenges6. Military Modernization and Arms-Racing in the Asia-PacificTim Huxley and Brendan Taylor7. Maritime Security: Will Asia's Next War Occur at Sea? James Manicom8. What Threat do Terrorism and Insurgency Pose in the Asia-Pacific? Christopher Paul and Nick Nelson9. How Relevant are Internal and NonTraditional Security Challenges in the Asia Pacific? Alistair D.B. Cook10. How Is the Cyber Revolution Changing Asia-Pacific National Security Concerns? Rex B. Hughes Part III: Security Solutions 11. Can Multilateralism and Security Communities Bring Security to the Asia-Pacific? Mathew Davies12. Is Human Security a Solution? Sarah TeittConclusion: What is the Asia-Pacific's Likely Security Future? Brendan Taylor and William T. Tow GlossaryList of ContributorsIndex
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