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The Seven Keys to Communicating in Mexico

An Intercultural Approach
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How do you build successful professional connections with colleagues from Mexico? While most books focus simply on how to avoid common communication mistakes, this book leads its readers to an understanding of how to succeed and thrive within the three cultures, Mexico, the US, and Canada. Kelm, Hernandez-Pozas and Victor present a set of practical guidelines for communicating professionally with Mexicans, both in Mexico and abroad, providing many photographs as examples. The Seven Keys to Communicating in Mexico follows the model of presenting key cultural concepts used in the earlier books by Kelm and Victor on Brazil and (with Haru Yamada) on Japan. Olivia Hernandez-Pozas, Orlando Kelm, and David Victor, well-respected research professors and seasoned cross-cultural trainers for businesspeople, guide readers through Mexican culture using Victor's LESCANT Model (an acronym representing seven key cross-cultural communication areas: Language, Environment, Social Organization, Contexting, Authority, Nonverbal Behavior, and Time). Each chapter addresses one of these topics and demonstrates how to evaluate the differences among Mexican, US, and Canadian cultures. In the final chapter the authors bring all of these cultural interactions together with a sample case study about business interactions between Mexicans and North Americans. The case study includes additional observations from North American and Mexican business professionals who offer related suggestions and recommendations.
Introduction 1. The Spanish Language: A Beautiful Mixture That Defines Mexico2. The Mexican Environment: A Cornucopia3. Mexican Social Organization: Mestizaje, Mosaic, or Melting Pot?4. Mexican Contexting: The Hidden Wisdom of the Proverb5. The Mexican Authority Conception: Power Is Always Personalized6. Mexican Nonverbal Communication: Colorful, Bold, and Making a Statement!7. The Mexican Temporal Conception: All Our Pasts Are Our Present8. Case Study: When Being Bicultural Is More than Being BilingualNotes Index About the Authors
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