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Florida's Best Fruiting Plants

Native and Exotic Trees, Shrubs, and Vines
A comprehensive guide to fruit-bearing plants that thrive in the Florida environment, including exotics and native species, familiar plants, and dozens of rare and obscure plants and trees. *Provides details on how to turn your Florida yard into a cornucopia of delicious fruit *Describes which plants will succeed in every region of the state. *Detailed profiles of more than 80 species ranging from familiar strawberry to obscure jaboticaba *Range maps and fruiting calendars to help with planning.
Charles Boning is a naturalist, illustrator and attorney. He has resided in north, central and south Florida and is familiar with gardening in each region. He has cultivated and grown many of these plants in his own garden. He is also the author of the popular Florida's Best Fruiting Plants.
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