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Florida's Best Herbs and Spices

Native and Exotic Plants Grown for Scent and Flavor
From unusual tropical spices to temperate herbs to native species, this guide covers plants that will succeed in every region of the state with a focus on plants with culinary uses. *Includes detailed profiles of nearly 100 plants, ranging from unusual tropical species, to temperate herbs, to native species. *Contains range maps for each species and covers every region of the state. *Provides detailed information on cultivation, harvest, and use of the plants. *More than 300 color illustrations and photographs throughout. * Includes a broad assortment of scent plants and describes growth habits and landscape uses and flowering characteristics for adding interest and color to the garden.
Charles Boning is a naturalist, illustrator and attorney. He has resided in north, central and south Florida and is familiar with gardening in each region. He has cultivated and grown many of these plants in his own garden.
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