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Treating Cancer with Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy

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Treating cancer has always been a major challenge. Although great strides in treatment have taken place in recent years, all too often current treatments are less than effective, or patients relapse. Newer methods of cancer treatment, namely targeted therapy and immunotherapy have generated great excitement in the scientific community. These newer methods of cancer treatment hold promise for patients who otherwise may have few options. Using the principles of health literacy, this updated edition includes many new therapies and describes the essential features of cancer treatments available to the general public in an engaging and stimulating manner. A simple, question/answer format and the use of illustrations, tables, charts, and boxes that highlight definitions, facts, and website links provide more detailed information. Features: Provides questions and answers about the characteristics of cancer, diagnosis, classifications, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, adoptive cell therapy, new developments, and more Cites many new therapies and includes numerous in-text Web links to information at the National Institutesof Health, the National Cancer Institute, journals, and other online sources Uses animations, practical tips, charts and tables, figures, and photos to explain topics under discussion.
1: Characteristics of Cancer 2: Why Genes Are Important in Understanding Cancer 3: Why the Cell Cycle and Cell Signaling Are Important for Cancer Development 4: The Process of Cancer Development 5: Diagnosis of Cancer 6: Classification of Cancers 7: Surgery 8: Chemotherapy 9: Radiotherapy 10: Hormone Therapy 11. Additional Therapies 12: Development of Targeted Therapy 13: Limitations of Targeted Therapies 14: The Immune System As It Relates to Cancer 15: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors 16: Cancer Vaccines 17: Adoptive Cell Therapy 18: New Developments in Cancer Immunotherapy Index
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