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Excel 2019 Project Book

Spreadsheets * Databases * Case Studies
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Designed as a project and case-oriented approach to learning Excel, the emphasis of this book is on learning by doing. The book presents a series of progressively reinforcing problem sets, which allow the exploration of real-life business problems. First, the background, theory, formulas, and calculations are discussed, followed by the design of Excel spreadsheets, which support the creation of effective spreadsheets for these applications. Finally, the proper solution and other related aspects are discussed, forming a cohesive set of practical application problems. Some of the topics explored include amortization tables, weighted averages, cash flows, payroll calculations, break even analysis, and spreadsheet databases. Excel techniques include formulas and functions, cell addressing, conditional and lookup functions, graphs, sorting, and filtering. FEATURES Provides 30 projects, several How-to Guides, and Application Types to learn Excel skills using problems, applications, and case studies featuring practical business problems Explores formulas and functions, financial functions, cell addressing, conditional functions, lookup functions, graphs, sorting, and filtering, amortization tables, future values of an investment, weighted averages, cash flows, payroll calculations, break even analysis, economic order quantity, spreadsheet databases, and more Companion files with four Excel video tutorials and images from the text. Instructor resources available.
Gary Bronson, Ph.D., is a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University of information systems with industry and consulting experience and is the author of several books. Jeffrey Hsu, Ph.D., (Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ) is a professor of information systems, has published research papers and books, and he has industry experience in the financial and IT sectors.
Project Set 1: Simple Spreadsheets Using Basic Excel Capabilities Project Set 2: Absolute Addressing Project Set 3: Cash Flow Projects Project Set 4: Simple Decisions Using the IF( ) Function Project Set 5: Making Multiple Choices Using VLOOKUP( ) Project Set 6: Applications and Graphing Project Set 7: Database Projects How-to Guides Basic Application Types Index
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