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Portrait of Australia

The best stories from thirty years of Australian Geographic

For 30 years AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC journalists have revealed the rich diversity of a nation. From schoolyards to parliament and the outback to the ocean, they have reported on Australia and Australians, both ordinary and extraordinary, going about their daily lives. Within these pages are photographs of landscapes both intimate and infinite, compelling portraits of people in joy or in grief; native wildlife and plant life in stunning detail and astonishing clarity; rare glimpses of industry and endeavour and the individuals that drive them; and remarkable views captured by adventurers and explorers on expedition. Inside this beautiful compendium of stories from a rich, 30 year history of examining the very best of Australia’s nature, culture, people and places is a portrait of Australia beyond the urban and suburban fringe.

Australian Geographic’s Book Publishing division creates and distributes print works that inspire, entertain, teach and give readers access to a world of discovery — and possibility. Each year they publish more than 50 new books for adults, families and children on a wide range of nonfiction subjects, from animals to travel, cartography to history, fun facts to moving stories. Australian Geographic’s books support, and are strongly tied to this educational and scientific mission and receive a broad range of cross-promotion in the society’s media properties, including print and online. 

Featuring show-stopping imagery and thrilling stories, A Portrait of Australia captures the heart of Australian Geographic’s last 30 years •This stunning book reveals the very best of this fascinating country through unforgettable imagery from Australian Geographic, and taps key voices from the diverse peoples that make Australia a land of many stark contrasts, cultures, possibilities and adventures • No one knows Australia like Australian Geographic—and this is a lavish volume that will be treasured for years to come

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