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Monty's Rhine Adventure

This is the second volume, but the last to be published of a trilogy - the other volumes being Smashing the Atlantic Wall and The Battle of the Bulge. Monty's Rhine Adventure begins immediately after the Normandy invasion with the euphoria surrounding the belief that the war would soon be won. However, it was not to be as easy Monty hoped. The book covers the difficult next few months as the Allies slogged through France and Belgium fighting stern and skilled Nazi resistance. However, the centrepiece of Monty's Rhine Adventure is Operation Market garden - Monty's bold plan to cut through the German defences via the eight bridges which spanned the Dutch/German border. The book deals with the plan, its execution and its aftermath in rigorous detail. Had Market Garden gone to plan, it might have led to the overall defeat of the Third Reich before the end of 1944. As it was, it was the Russians that entered Berlin first in May 1945. Nonetheless, this period remains one of the boldest and most exciting of the Second World War.
Patrick Delaforce fought as a troop leader in Normandy and also served in Germany and Holland during the Second World War. He was awarded the Bronze Cross of Orange-Nassau and was twice mentioned in Despatches. After the war, he worked as a port wine shipper and in advertising before becoming a professional writer. Delaforce is the author of many military history books as well as a number of travel books and biographies.
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